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Relactation Story

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Relactation Story

Post  Hayatie on Wed Aug 26, 2009 11:59 pm

Ni satu cerita yang aku copy paste dari susuibu.com. Pada sape2 yang belum baca..sila la baca...especially pada qis...harap dapat beri semangat pada mu....

Sesungguhnya ianya tidak mustahil untuk dilakukan jika kita betul2 bersungguh..insyallah...

Hi Liss

Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I
relactated 8 months after stopping. It can be done and this is my story
... *very breifly, of course*

When my son was born nearly five
years ago, I was determined to breastfeed. Always wanted to... and
always knew that was the way in which all my children would be feed.
After I gave birth (3 days later), I tore all the muscles up the back
of my spine and through my left arm.. (unrelated to the birth, just a
freak thing that happened). This accident left me with a frozen left
arm, hense leading to great difficulty in latching my son on the
opposite breast, my right one. This in turn, lead to me getting a
massive crack in the right nipple. As I could not correct the latch
(due to the frozen arm and mass amounts of pain) the crack never healed
and contined to bleed and expel green puss at every feed. Four weeks
later, mastitis set in. The doctor's believed that infection had found
it's way into my nipple through the crack, and burrowed deep into my
breast tissue. For 7 days I took oral antibiotics to no avail, then the
doctor sent me to hospital for IV antibiotics and heat ultrasound
techniques on the affected breast. Another 5 days passed before they
sent me to have an ultrasound, as my mastitis wouldn't clear. Turns out
I had an abscess the size of a tennis ball under the areola and was
prepped for immediate surgery. I was later informed that the abscess
was so infected and severe, that I would be dead if it wasn't for the
anibiotics and removal. Afterwards, I had a massive hole in my breast,
that could not be stitched up, as it would cause my breast to collapse.
So instead, I was packed with 2 and a half metres of gauze, that was
removed and re-packed everyday.. (without pain medication I must add! )
Needless to say, the doctor cut half my milk ducts to reach the abscess
and due to the packing and re-packing of gauze, I couldn't put my son
to feed on that side and my milk dried up. I kept feeding from the
other breast and topping up with formula... Of course, I looked very
lopsided as my left breat grew to twice the size of the right one!
After four months, my son flat out refused to nurse anymore and my
breatfeeding days were over...

At first I was okay with this,
as everything was such a mission anyway, but as the months passed, I
grew bitter and resentful. I blamed the medical profession for allowing
this to happen and was angry that no one would support me when all this
was happening. I even remember a lactation consultant telling me in
hospital... "Wow, you have been through a lot. Maybe it would be best
if you just cut your losses and quit" I was blown away by this! She
should have been the one rooting for me!

Anyway, as time passed
I became quite depressed everytime I made a bottle of formula and
decided I wanted to breastfeed again. I read some books, checked out
the net and decided to give it a go! I hired a hospital grade breast
pump (from my local chemist for 6 weeks), pumped every 3 hours during
the day and twice at night, and this is what happened over the six

Week 1 - After pumping for this week, I noticed My breasts felt 'sweaty' and alittle damp. No milk though.

2 - Seen a drop appear during each pumping session. The drop never fell
or dripped down, but it did form. The drop was fairly clear too ..
similiar to colostrum.

Week 3 - Several drops are forming, and breasts are starting to feel more full and heavier.

Week 4 - Drops are starting to fall during pumping and even noticed wet patch on bra.

5 - Drops are now flowing slowly, milk is now white in colour (no
longer clear), breasts are very heavy and are definitly slightly
'leaking' between pumping sessions.

Week 6 - Sprays appeared during pumping and let-downs became apparent.

this, I purchased an Ameda Yours Purely Double Breast Pump and
continued pumping on the same schedule. Obviously my son didn't
physically 'breastfeed' as he was nearly 12 months old and wasn't
interested anymore, so I just pumped my milk and bottlefed him.

whole story might seem silly and time consuming to some people, but
since I was becoming so depressed and obsessed with the whole
situation, I knew that this was the only solution to my feeling okay
with what happened to me. Turns out I was right. I kept pumping and
bottlefeeding for the next 12 months and weaned my son off the 'breast'
(AKA - the pump) just after his second birthday...

You can do it Liss and I wish you all the best.


*Tandem Breastfeeding a 2 year old and 1 year old... Life is Beautiful!*

Me: 28
DH: 37

# 1: 7 Years (Boy) June 2000
# 2: 2 Years (Girl) April 2005


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Re: Relactation Story

Post  dhamiraqistina on Thu Aug 27, 2009 11:26 am

ku sgt kagum dgn ibu itu...

akn ku jdkn pedoman utk diriku...
chaiyok qis...chaiyok .....
jgn give up tau....(pesanan utk diriku)

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Re: Relactation Story

Post  shaza on Mon Aug 31, 2009 11:52 pm

Betul seperti yg diceritakn tu..su dh mula mengepam sejak smlm x berjenti2 su dh mula nmpk hasil semalam susu kuar mcm susu org baru bersalin tu jernih jer..ari ni susu kuar ade la 2-3 titik..walaupun b sue still kecut je..mcm x de isi tpi susu masih lagi dpt 1-2 titik...insyallah sue rase klu sue terus dan terus perjuangkn..insyallah..susu akan kembali normal..cuma skrg ni su tgh tungu pil fenugrik sampai..tpi sjrg ni su dok minum susu+horlick je nie..+oat..moga2 perjuangan ni akan membuah kn hasil yg lumayan.

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Re: Relactation Story

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